There are more than a thousand women who want to marry me, says Dantani Maishayi


EVERYONE who watches Arewa24’s ‘Dadin Kowa’ program knows Dantani Maishayi, especially the way they run their business with Sallau as a child and a godfather.

Dantani dadin kowa

Who is our correspondent Interview with Murtala Alasan, who plays this role in the program, to tell us his life story and how he became an actor, among others.

FIM: First of all we would like you to introduce yourself to our readers. MURTALA ALASAN: Well, my name is Murtala Alasan, I was known as Ɗantani Maishayi in ‘Everybody’s Favorite’, and then in our dice game I was known as Karabiti.

I was born in the Birget area of Kano; I was born here in 1984. From an early age, my parents moved to Badawa.

Here I grew up I did primary school I did high school. And since then the drama industry has come to my mind, and since we have been doing school for a while, I will never forget, haalha Musa Dakata, also known as Taste, brought us a drama group in our area.

So, I was introduced to math, and I even got the name Karabiti.

So we kept going, our team was growing. And then we started appearing in films. I will never forget, the first film I starred in was ‘Man Butulu’, where I came out as the lead.

Then the situation escalated, and someone took me to Abuja to work.

So we were there and God took Umar Kanu, they went with Fati Muhammad, and with the oil we knew each other, because we did a movie together, so Umar Kanu said, “Well you don’t have to stay here, just come and let us go.

” He used to bring me to Kano and he introduced me to Ali Jita, who was not famous at the time, and told us to work together.

So almost everyone in the film industry knows Ali Jita, because I still don’t have a better boss.

So then I got involved in some of the movie productions that people are doing; They give me a job behind the camera, they even give me one or two cents, and then they say that what I did impressed the people, and I became more and more impressed.

Then some time Nazir Adam Saleh called me and said, “Here’s a movie about to start with a long-distance run, and you want to come out as a tea maker.” And when I tried it was said to do.

At that time, Umar Jigirya was not a Sallau, he was a different person, he later got the opportunity to join the Sallau.

So when it started I was out of town, and I didn’t even know how important it was, so I was called, I would be back tomorrow, I would be back tomorrow, and I was even told to be removed.

But God willing, the director gave me time to come back.

And since God made the world to know me, you see all the struggles that have taken place in the past have become history, now everywhere I go in the world I am watched and called.

So I have nothing to say but thank God. FILM: Before this ‘Everyone’s Favorite’ program or have you ever made tea

ALASAN: Honestly in my life I have never made a tea business, I don’t even know how to make it.

But when I was put on this role and when I saw that I was being honored, it got to my heart and I went and sat next to the tea-maker to see how he interacted with me. with his tea buyers, I kept using it in the ‘Everyone’s Favorite’ program.

FIM: In the program, you and your child Sallau are best known, Or do you see how you are competing with Murtala Alasan as a free agent in ‘Dadin Kowa’? in ‘Everyone’s Favorite’ I am his master.

Well honestly I was happy because when we were going to work he came out as a kid, me and his boss, but when we got off the movie he was also my boss.

And I really enjoy being with him, because when he sees something I am not doing right he corrects me. Well you see it is love, and I really enjoy that. FIM: Yes

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