How Computer Centre will help the development of Kannywood – Affakalla


The Chairman of the Kano State Film Censorship Board, Alhaji Isma’il Na’abba (Afakallah), has said that the new state-of-the-art center set up by the state government under his board will bring major development to Kannywood.

If you recall, on Wednesday, July 22, 2020, the state government announced that it has allocated N16,373,699 (over 16 million) for the construction of the new Information Technology Center under the Film Censorship Board.

In an interview with Film magazine tonight, Afakallah elaborated on the importance of the center, saying, “First of all, this center is a development for the whole world.

since everything went back to ‘online’. “We see that this is the world at large, in terms of the ‘online’ system on the Internet.

Sannan “Then if you take the film and international business and know your amount and know who can come from another country come to invest and how you can reach what is being sought in world, you have to be the so-called ‘globalised system’, the so-called ‘world-at-the-palm’.

Duk ~~~~ “There is no government in Nigeria. A film industry like the Kano State government, because creating this project will make people aware that there are some things that make Kannywood successful and successful in the world. ~~~~ ~~~~ “First of all, you will we create a global business segment online. biyu

“Second: we will create an environment in which we will advertise to all internal stakeholders, ranging from our authors and so on.

any Kannywood kid, who by signing in you will find anyone you want to see his ‘data’.

Mis “For example, now if you go to Hollywood or Bollywood, you will see their directors, the videographers, each with their own history.

” That’s why we identify people who are in the film industry.

Sannan “And here it is if you want to get a job, or some NGOs will find out who made the movie, made the movie, etc.,

which if you go there is no mat ~~~~ “In general, we want to put Kannywood on the global map.” so as to see that for a place of business and development of the entertainment industry, not just filmmakers, even singers and writers and so on, since each of us has his own name registered, and we have its database.

Sannan ~~~~ “And we’re going to expand it so that we can wear it and other things, which is one of the functions of the Film Censorship Board, after keeping things up and coming up with ways to do it.

to develop the profession and disseminate it globally so that it can provide employment to our youth for self-reliance. ”~~~~ ~~~~ The Chairman expressed satisfaction with the progress made.

I said, “By God, I have nothing to say to God but thank you. Whatever we bring, God supports me, helps me, and I do them well.” First, I have opened offices in forty-four local government areas of Kano State and staff, and they are working to curb inequalities, and to create a business environment in all local government areas, e.g. from theaters, downloaders on the movie industry.

“Secondly, I have trained two hundred and fifty people, who have received their diplomas in various fields.

” Third, I took people we went all the way to Morocco to see how these films are being made internationally, which is where I found out that there is no way to be known in the world we don’t have this ‘IT Center’.

Da dawo “When I came back I wrote a memo to the government, and God willing it was included in the ‘Council’, and it was passed.

” Then after this, I organized the election, which was done from the top to the bottom by the MOPPAN filmmakers’ associations, which was also provided with the meaning of integration and understanding. “Then I put out the committee until three, the Kannywood Distribution Network,

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