EDUCATION : has been described as the first step in the development of the Kannywood film industry.


EDUCATION has been described as the first step in the development of the Kannywood film industry.

It has also been pointed out that as long as there is no education, the film industry will not go backwards as it is now.

A young man in the industry, Abubakar H. Kura, made the remarks in an interview with Film magazine on the state of the industry today.

Abubakar has worked extensively in the industry, ranging from director, producer, storyteller to photographer.

In the interview, he said entrepreneurs and those who want to benefit from the industry must stand up and seek knowledge that will improve their profession. “That’s why I’m on my own and I’m looking for education because I’ve survived,” he said.

Abubakar added, “Now that I have graduated from university, I am in the process of serving the country, so even now I am not very visible.”

Although my studies did not affect the industry. movies are not direct, because what I read involves the design of a building map such as a house or a factory in which my curriculum is calculated from the design of the house map from the field to the finishing painting to the entrance.

But if we look at it from a different angle, it has to do with the film industry, as if it could be said that if we were to build a film studio there, then that’s where our work came in.

“So in part, I can run my studies in filmmaking so that people can provide home design and design.”

Seeing that he was about to finish his service to the country, or he did not think that when he finished he would look like he was too strong to work in the industry.

Everyone in Kannywood, when they are told to leave, I think they don’t go out, they just step aside before it comes back, because it’s like politics; a politician doesn’t stop, so the movie doesn’t stop. money on the other hand, it will come and invest in the industry.

Abubakar H. Kura “So I recommend to my colleagues that they try to go back to school, to find out how I hold the paper. graduation, because as a result of this paper you see you have made some further progress in life.

“But if you don’t have it, then you will find someone to give it to, who is not even qualified.” Like me now, you see I studied with no intention of working for the government, but I sitting then God brought someone to look for a worker, I delivered my paper, I started temporary work before I went to national service.

You see, I have not left the industry, but I am constantly looking for ways to grow and develop.

“So it’s a good thing that filmmakers are going to get an education to protect their lives and their industry. let them come in. “

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